27: Kurt Kobain (The 27 Club, Book 2)

27: Kurt Kobain (The 27 Club, Book 2)

Chris Salewicz

Language: English

Pages: 50

ISBN: 2:00332170

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana frontman, died aged just 27. In this insightful mini-biography, respected music critic Chris Salewicz examines Cobain's journey from sensitive loner to generational icon. Salewicz scrutinizes Cobain's tormented inner life, his tempestuous relationship with Courtney Love, and the importance of his cultural legacy.

27: Kurt Cobain is the second in a series of exclusive music ebooks, an ambitious project examining the perils of genius, celebrity and excess.

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often Krist Novoselic who stood out more than the guitarist. ‘Kurt is a really good songwriter, but to the extent that those songs became full and alive, that was Krist,’ said Jonathan Poneman.[29] Others also noted that Krist was far more confident and at ease with himself than Kurt, rather more in charge. Yet Kurt had an intensity that you could feel, and you knew he was the creative force in the band. Sub Pop recognized this. They had decided they wanted Nirvana to record an album, with Jack

‘the most amazing band I’d ever seen.’ The next day Nirvana recorded a session for John Peel, the revered BBC disc jockey and relentless champion of the underground. Back in the USA, Nirvana played some Californian dates, before another national tour. Now they were pulling in audiences of a few hundred. Despite the buzz of being championed by Sonic Youth, who had come to see them on the previous tour, the band played badly at their New York Pyramid Club show. Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and

reconciliation, that he only would do the drug occasionally. When Kurt signed a publishing deal with Virgin, his first payment came as a $3,000 cheque. He spent $1,000 at Toys R Us, his purchases including a couple of air rifles, with which he shot out the windows at a nearby building housing the Washington State Lottery. Days later, Nirvana were visited by John Silva, the partner of former Led Zeppelin publicist Danny Goldberg at Gold Mountain Management, who oversaw the career of Sonic

addiction, or trying to battle that, and it was just too much. For the rest of the year I kept going back and forth between wanting to quit and wanting to change our name, cos I still really enjoy playing with Chris and Dave and I couldn’t see us splitting up because of the pressures of success. It’s just pathetic, you know: to have to do something like that. I don’t know if there is much of a conscious connection between Chris and Dave and I, when we play live. I don’t usually even notice Chris

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