A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid: A Practical Guide for Owners

A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid: A Practical Guide for Owners

Andrew Gardiner

Language: English

Pages: 256


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Andrew Gardiner is an experienced vet and the ideal guide to the practical solutions that anyone can carry out at home to help keep their cat fit and well. Cats can seem as varied and complex as people, and modern veterinary medicine has a much improved knowledge of cats’ bodies, with very specific approaches to their health problems. This revised and updated guide will inform and educate any cat owner how better to provide for their companion’s health. A – Z of Cat Health and First Aid clearly explains what the owner can do for their cat, working alongside the veterinary surgeon, to give their companion the best chance of a full and speedy recovery. It contains a great deal of practical and useful information on everyday cat care. There is detailed help for over 200 common cat illnesses, as well as advice in the event of accidents, for everything from coat contamination, high blood pressure and fleas to overgrown nails, spaying and urination problems. Each illness is explained and details of first aid and nursing care that can be administered at home is clearly outlined, along with a full explanation of what treatment your vet might follow.

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leads to death in cats. The best first aid measures for the aggressive cat are to keep the patient quiet and relaxed, perhaps in a darkened room or in a well-padded cat cage or carrier, whilst arrangements are made for veterinary attention or advice. Reduce stimulation from children, noises and bright lights. Cover the cage or box with a blanket or towel if necessary and lift or move it gently and slowly. Veterinary treatment • It is frequently necessary to sedate very aggressive cats in

termed) lymph nodes. During routine examination, vets often check the lymph nodes. Easily located nodes appear in the throat area, in front of the shoulders and in the hamstring area of the back legs. Enlargement of lymph nodes usually indicates infection in a nearby area; if many lymph nodes are enlarged a form of spreading cancer may be suspected. Health problems in cats which may involve glands include: Anal glands, Cancer, and Diabetes. Glaucoma Glaucoma is a serious condition that usually

and can be quite extensive and unsightly. The cause of these problems is not fully understood. In some cases, allergy (to fleas, food constituents or pollens) may be involved. Urgency The problem is not an urgent one, but does tend to progress over the course of several weeks. In cats that have had them before, early treatment can help reduce the severity of recurrences. First aid & nursing Flea treatment should be carried out (see under Fleas), as this may be important in those cats with

serious condition of diaphragmatic hernia, when the contents of the abdomen are displaced through a ruptured diaphragm into the chest, where they cause breathing problems. Other traumatic hernias can occur on the body wall, if muscle gets badly damaged. Various organs and tissues may protrude through the hernia and, in doing so, their blood supply may become cut off, leading to serious and even life-threatening problems. Other hernias are much less serious, e.g. many cats are born with

Inflammation is therefore a natural phenomenon, but it can also cause problems, especially when the underlying cause of the inflammation is difficult to identify or remove completely. In these situations, the inflammatory response can persist, creating discomfort or irritation for the animal. Medical treatment may be needed to alleviate this. Urgency One form of inflammation which can cause a real life-threatening emergency is that affecting the throat area, when breathing can be interfered

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