Adam Copeland On Edge

Adam Copeland On Edge

Adam Copeland

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Adam Copeland on Edge is what the author describes as “a mental picture.” It's also a dream—“one of many”—that he decided to realize while at home convalescing from potential career-ending neck surgery. And it's a journey that explores not only his life but also his innermost thoughts.

In the small town of Orangeville, Ontario, Copeland was raised by a loving mother who, while working multiple jobs just to pay the rent, nurtured her son's passion for Spider-Man comics and KISS albums. When a family tragedy created a void in Copeland's life, that void was soon filled by the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, who “made me feel like I could accomplish anything.”

For Copeland, “anything” meant becoming a wrestler, an ambition shared by his friend Jason Reso, who would eventually form the indie tag team Suicide Blondes with Copeland, then join him in WWE as Edge's “brother,” Christian. Winning a newspaper essay contest earned Copeland free wrestling training from independent veterans Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchinson. The author shares his vivid, often outrageous memories of wrestling throughout Canada and the midwestern United States and befriending future WWE Superstars like Terry Richards (Rhyno), Sean Morley (Val Venis), and Chris Jericho. Hard work and persistence brought Copeland to World Wrestling Entertainment. But his “inauspicious” Raw debut—during which he accidentally knocked out his opponent—supports his claim that “I had no idea” how to make the transformation to Edge.

Copeland retraces the steps he took to “Edgeucate” himself, from his goth days with the Brood's Christian and Gangrel to ushering in the “E&C Dynasty,” which in turn revitalized WWE's Tag Team division (with the aid of the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz, and countless tables, ladders, and chairs).

With vivid detail and sincerity, Copeland offers his thoughts about not only fulfilling his goals but also building upon them. He shares his actual surprise over winning the Intercontinental title for the first time; the anxiety he felt while splitting up with Christian; his eventual determination “to grab the damn ball out of someone's hands and take off”; the distress of almost losing his long blond hair to Kurt Angle; his wonder over enjoying a brief Tag Team title reign with the icon who first inspired him; the simultaneous pain of a broken marriage and two ruptured discs in his neck; and the nervous energy of returning to Raw in March 2004 and setting his sights on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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in the bud. Eventually I started teaming with Jay in Detroit, which started a storyline tug-of-war between Joe and Jay, all for little ol’ me as a partner. Jay and I turned on Joe, and the Suicide Blondes rode again, this time as heels. We had fun on these shows (a recurring theme, I know) and afterward always ended up at Rhyno’s place to crash. This next story is strange but true. When we went to Rhyno’s house, finding a place to sleep could be a battle. He had a couch, but it was always

teams in WWE history! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would accomplish that when we were jumping off his parents’ washing machine back in Orangeville. Once again our title reign was short-lived. The Dudleyz arrived during the show and challenged us, obviously, instead of the Hardys for the Tag Team title. This was the match where Spike Dudley debuted, hitting his Dudley Dawg to help them win their third tag title. Now you had a trifecta of three-member units. The Hardys with Lita.

great worker is being able to pull it off, and that night I didn’t. My performance and the match were not good. I got some criticism from Vince on this one. The perfectionist and drive in me always wants to steal the show and when I don’t I accept full blame. The perfectionist and drive in me always wants to steal the show and when I don’t I accept full blame. I felt as though we redeemed ourselves a little the following week on SmackDown! from Tampa. We had a good match that was actually seen

hard neck collar) set firmly in place. I had to wear the collar 24/7 for a total of six weeks, except in the shower. I had to sleep sitting up on my couch surrounded by a fortress of pillows so I wouldn’t roll while I slept. Dr. Youngblood working on me. In the meantime, I had set myself another goal. I had to go to the live show in Tampa six days after my surgery. It turned out to be a very long night, but I pulled it off. I even walked out to the ring with Rhyno, neck brace and all. My body

TV, the brother I do have.) To all of the “gang,” for all the laughter, the history we’ve created, and the memories we’ve shared, thanks. To the Resos, I want everyone to know you are my second family. I’ve been blessed to have some of the best ever in this business grace me with their knowledge. My first trainers were Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchinson. Then there was the priceless advice of Bret Hart, Leo Burke, Dory Funk, Jr., Tom Prichard, Michael Hayes, Pat Patterson, John Laurenties, Fit

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