Autobiographies of W.B.Yeats (The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats)

Autobiographies of W.B.Yeats (The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats)

Language: English

Pages: 557

ISBN: 0333990463

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Autobiographies is made up of six autobiographical works that Yeats published in the mid-1930s. Together, they provide a fascinating insight into the first fifty-eight years of his life. The work provides memories of his early childhood, through to his experience of winning the Nobel prize for literature. The volume contains invaluable explanatory notes and previously unpublished passages from candidly explicit first drafts.

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imagination.59 They contain our ancient literature, are something better than our Mabinogion,60 are almost our Morte d’Arthur. It is more fitting, however, that in a book of memoirs I should speak of her personal influence, and especially as no witness is likely to arise better qualified to speak. If that influence were lacking, Ireland would be greatly impoverished, so much has been planned out in the library or among the woods at Coole; for it was there that John ShaweTaylor found the

doctrines—efficient rule—the Incarnation—thaumaturgy. Eastern thoughts answer to these with indifference to rule, scorn of the flesh, contemplation of the formless. Western minds who follow the Eastern way become weak and vapoury, because unfit for the work forced upon them by Western life. Every symbol is an invocation which produces its equivalent expression in all worlds. The Incarnation invoked modern science and modern efficiency, and individualized emotion. It produced a solidification of

way. They were absorbed in expression, that is to say in what is most near and delicate. The new playwrights invent their subjects and dislike anything customary in the arrangement of the fable, but their expression is as common as the newspapers where they first learned to write. 34 [October (1909) ‘Journal’ no. 194 excerpt] October I saw Hamlet on Saturday night,54 except for the chief ‘Ophelia’ scenes, and missed these (for I had to be in the Abbey) without regret. Their pathos, as

acquitted by a Chicago jury, but that only furthered the split between his followers, the ‘Triangle’, and the followers of John Devoy (1842-1928). 5 The manuscript reads ‘monument’ rather than ‘movement’; this likely misreading by the typist was never corrected. See Textual Introduction, p. 14 above. 6 In a cancelled passage of reminiscence, WBY stated that the Irish National Alliance (INA, one of several nationalist factions) ‘made me President of the ’98’, behind the scenes, in the spring of

to be allowed in’. And when I had told him how put out I was at finding neither wall nor gate, he explained that he had merely described what ought to be. We were to see De Morgan tiles, peacock-blue doors and the pomegranate pattern and the tulip pattern of Morris, and to discover that we had always hated doors painted with imitation grain, the roses of mid-Victoria, and tiles covered with geometrical patterns that seemed to have been shaken out of a muddy kaleidoscope. We went to live in a

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