Bear Portraits

Bear Portraits

Jill Greenberg

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A top celebrity portrait photographer, Jill Greenberg has a unique ability to coax powerful emotions out of her subjects - whether human or animal. Her portraits of bears, collected here for the first time, surprise and engage. We encounter cubs as cute as a child's Teddy, grizzlies that look like they might swallow you whole, and Polar bears seated in Sphinx-like tranquility. Full-grown brown bears, grizzlies, black bears, Polar bears, and bear cubs are photographed on location against a portrait backdrop. The poses and facial expressions are at turns oddly comedic, pensive, terrifying, and sometimes unexpectedly human. Alive with Greenberg's signature lighting and seen through the unique perspective of her lens, these startling bear portraits bring us face to face with our fears and fantasies. 

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day my son, who is three, asks if there is a baby bear coming to the house when I do a portrait shoot at home. For the most part I make my living photographing well-known people. However, I have done animal portraits since I was very young. In fifth grade I was shooting pictures of my West Highland white terrier, Plato, with Vaseline on the lens, among other techniques. Now, for my creative work, I photograph trained animals with studio lighting in traditional portrait setups to explore and draw

fed. HOMER The alleged power to charm down insanity, or ferocity in beasts, is a power behind the eye. RALPH WALDO EMERSON Never do anything standing that you can do sitting, or anything sitting that you can do lying down. CHINESE PROVERB I have seen many a bear led by a man: but I never before saw a man led by a bear. JAMES BOSWELL Worry gives a small thing a big shadow. SWEDISH PROVERB Silly old bear. CHRISTOPHER ROBIN If one is not to get into a rage

Mystery, Alaska Alaska Ali Oop Kodiak Height: 8 feet+ Weight: 1,400 pounds Residence: Innisfail, Alberta, Canada Credits: Grizzly Falls True Heart Wild America Grizzly Adams: The Treasure of the Bear Dr. Dolittle 2 The Last Trapper Amos European Brown Bear (4 months at the time photographs were made) Weight: 40 pounds Residence: Frazier Park, CA Credits: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Barney Kodiak Height: 7.5 feet Weight: 1,000 pounds Residence: Innisfail,

that look as if they might swallow you whole, and polar bears seated in sphinxlike tranquillity. The poses and facial expressions of Greenberg’s bears are at turns oddly comedic, pensive, terrifying, and, yes, sometimes unexpectedly human. Alive with Greenberg’s signature lighting and seen through the unique perspective of her lens, these bear portraits offer unforgettable encounters with our untamed selves. Jill Greenberg regularly shoots advertising and celebrity portrait photography for

such clients as Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, Epson, Entertainment Weekly, and GQ. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Her photographs of monkeys, dogs, lemurs, and – of course – bears were the face of a large-scale Animal Planet ad campaign featured on television and billboards and in New York City subway cars. Jill resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Robert and two children. For more information about Jill Greenberg, visit her website at

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