Belles on Their Toes

Belles on Their Toes

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0060598239

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life is very different now in the rambling Gilbreth house.When the youngest was two and the oldest eighteen, Dad died and Mother bravely took over his business. Now, to keep the family together, everyone has to pitch in and pinch pennies. The resourceful clan rises to every crisis with a marvelous sense of fun -- whether it's battling chicken pox, giving the boot to an unwelcome boyfriend, or even meeting the President. And the few distasteful things they can't overcome -- like castor oil -- they swallow with good humor and good grace. Belles on Their Toes is a warm, wonderful, and entertaining sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen.

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Anne finally gave in. “All right,” Anne said. “If you don’t care how you look, I suppose I don’t. And since none of us should go out with boys until Mother gets here, I guess you can’t do Ernestine and me any permanent damage.” Frank, Bill, and the younger children already had on their suits, and the two boys took the younger ones down to the beach, which was only a couple of hundred yards from the cottage. Martha said she’d slip on Mother’s suit and join them. Anne and Ernestine had to finish

Mother,” Anne called heartily, going to the door. “I thought I heard someone calling before, but I wasn’t sure.” Mother started up the steps and into the lighthouse, which was blue with smoke. “I wasn’t sleepy,” she explained, “and I saw your light on. I thought I’d just come out for a visit, if you two aren’t too tired. I really haven’t had a good chance to talk with …” The full impact of the smoke hit her as she entered the door, and she coughed. “Something’s on fire,” she shouted. “Don’t

compliment about stepping out of a bandbox.” Frank said thank you, Madam. The boys bowed from the waist, and moved along the receiving line. MOTHER HAD PLANNED to return home by train that afternoon. Although she had always before avoided the Model T, she allowed herself to be talked into making the return trip in the car. The skies had cleared and the weather was mild. Frank held the Ford at a dignified forty-five, and there was no tire trouble. They stopped at Baltimore for supper, and when

many Gilbreths here today.” “The whole family,” Mother announced brightly, regaining her poise and favoring him with her warmest smile. “That’s nice.” The professor, who hadn’t seen as much of Bill that semester as he thought he should have, didn’t think it was nice at all. He licked his pencil and made a show of marking a large zero in his grade book, opposite Bill’s name. “Goldsmith,” he said precisely, continuing the roll. Bill spent the afternoon and night with Mother, so he didn’t see

of the house. We thought she’d try to sell it, but she didn’t like the idea of other people living in it, and she knew it wouldn’t bring much money anyway. Besides needing repairs, it was built primarily for a family with ten or twelve children. People who could afford to run such a large house didn’t have families that size any more. Mother called for bids and had the house torn down. She supervised the demolition herself. If she felt any pangs as the workmen stripped off the walls and laid

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