Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal

Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal

Russell Brand

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0061958085

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Picking up where he left off in My Booky Wook, movie star and comedian Russell Brand details his rapid climb to fame and fortune in a shockingly candid, resolutely funny, and unbelievably electrifying tell-all: Booky Wook 2. Brand’s performances in Arthur, Get Him to the Greek, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall have earned him a place in fans’ hearts; now, with a drop of Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, a dash of Tommy Lee’s Dirt, and a spoonful of Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries, Brand goes all the way—exposing the mad genius behind the audacious comic we all know (or think we know) and love (or at least, lust).

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caused your wife pain? Would you still accept this pact?” Will looked at me like we were in a cat-and-mouse courtroom drama. “Yeah, I would. Damn you,” he grimaced. Then I called Will Ferrell a cunt whilst playing the part of a cockney mugger in an improvised sketch, and you could see his face change. Will Ferrell, reflecting instantly on the differences between UK MTV and US MTV, made a judgement on me as a

usual circumstances I’d introduce a newcomer to the group to all present with a cursory namecheck and nod. With a famous person you tend to eschew this ritual. Presuming they spend their lives encountering new people they’ll never see again, you spare them the rigmarole of all that ceremony and just say, “Jack Black – these are my mates.” If there were just one or two you might do names, but more than that it starts to feel tricky. Maybe Gareth felt shortchanged by this

on his fine work. Venit later told me that before Adam came off, Sandler’s entourage discussed the interview: “I wonder what Adam will make of that mouthy English oddball?” When they asked him he said, “He’s great, you should sign him, he’s got a future in movies.” They contacted the guest booker at MTV and asked him to tell me they were interested. I knew this was monumental. I’d always believed I could be a movie star, from the first time I spoke

on stage it was my intention, but when those things materialise it punctures long-held fantasies with actual possibility and you have to make choices. For this to happen I would have to negotiate with Nik and John and ensure cohesion without detonating Gelignite-John Noel, Nik’s dad and the man who Heimliched out my bellyful of demons. He is a man whom it is unwise to cross, especially as he’d just negotiated a fantastic deal with Lesley Douglas. I was to have my

my fame were far more glamorous and perhaps yet more iconic. These were the signifiers that my life sentence in the penitentiary of anonymity was, at last, coming to an end. The first Horseman was Jonathan Ross, a moniker he’ll welcome as it subtly alludes to his truly equine cockleberry. My appearance on the chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in 2006 flung me into the orbit of celebrity from where I could gather

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