Design and Aesthetics: A Reader

Design and Aesthetics: A Reader

Language: English

Pages: 262

ISBN: 0415072336

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Design and Aesthetics: A Reader is a comprehensive student reader on design history and aesthetic theory. It includes contributions from many of the writers whose work has been foundational to these two fields, including classic articles by Raymond Williams and Roger Scruton, and newer articles which provide an overview of current concerns and debates.
The role of design in the world today has aroused much controversy. The first half of this book deals with the main arguments which have emerged from contemporary analysis of its role in the communication process. Essays focus on the question of absolute aesthetic standards versus cultural relativism, and the role of objects in cultural and social life. The second part turns to particular areas of design history, ranging from architecture and pottery to the history of dress. These two main sectors are prefaced by contextualising introductions by Jerry Palmer and Mo Dodson.

Schopenhauer and the Aesthetic Standpoint: Philosophy as a Practice of the Sublime

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Four Arts of Photography: An Essay in Philosophy

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Part I. 7 See in particular the beautiful speech given by Socrates at the end of the Symposium. Plato’s thought—reconstituted by Augustine and Boethius, and embellished with all the symbolic trappings of mediaeval courtly love— achieved its finest expression in Dante’s Divine Comedy, a work in which the conflict between the carnal and the spiritual, the temporal and the eternal, is confronted and resolved. 8 See, for example, Summa Theologica, la, 2ae, 27, 1. Also Hegel 1979: Introduction. 9 Kant

include an essay by David Docherty, Head of Strategic Planning at the BBC, on how such techniques are used on a day-to-day basis in media organizations. In general, such organizations need detailed empirical information about audience preferences in media output in order to make informed planning decisions about future output. While such information can never replace creativity, it is commonly the case in such organizations that it is used in the process of managing creative teams. Broadcasting,

sustainable generalization, giving substance to the basic emphasis of historical materialism. Human beings have, by associated labour, moved in thousands of ways out of passive dependence on their environment, and out of mere adaptive marginality at its edges. The reshaping, remaking and innovative transformation of the pre-human material world is absolutely significant, historically. But of course this can only be described as the ‘conquest of nature’ if the initial terms of a separated ‘man’

Biology of Art, London: Methuen ——(1967) The Naked Ape, London: Cape White, L. (1962) ‘The Concept of Culture’, in M.F. Ashley Montagu (ed.) Culture and the Evolution of Man, New York: Oxford University Press Chapter 9 Taste and virtue; or, the virtue of taste Mo Dodson …till that contemplation of universal rectitude and harmony which began by Taste, may, as it is exalted and refined, conclude in Virtue. (Reynolds, ‘Discourse IX’) I want to explore some of the problems at the heart of our

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