Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?: Questions and Answers About Whales and Dolphins (Scholastic Question and Answer Series)

Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?: Questions and Answers About Whales and Dolphins (Scholastic Question and Answer Series)

Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

Language: English

Pages: 50

ISBN: 0756917417

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Provides answers to such questions about various species of whales and dolphins as "Do all whales have teeth?", "How long do most whales live?", "Why do dolphins whistle?", and "Can dolphins save humans?"

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DO WHALES HAVE BELLY BUTTONS? Questions and Answers About Whales and Dolphins BY MELVIN AND GILDA BERGER ILLUSTRATED BY HIGGINS BOND Contents Introduction • 3 THE LIFE OF A WHALE • 4 TOOTHED WHALES • 20 BALEEN WHALES • 34 Index • 48 About the Authors and Illustrator • 48 Text copyright © 1999 by Melvin Berger and Gilda Berger Illustration copyright © 1999 by Barbara Higgins Bond All rights reserved. Published by Scholastic Inc. SCHOLASTIC and associated logos are trademarks and/or registered

miles (1,600 km)! Can whales see far? Even though some whales have fairly good vision, most cannot see far under the water. Ocean waters are dark and murky. It’s often impossible to see more than a few feet (meters) ahead. Experts think that whales spy-hop, or poke their heads out of the water, to take a look around! 13 How do whales find objects underwater? Most use reflected sound, not sight. The whale makes a sound. When the sound hits an object—another whale, a fish, or a ship, for

example—it echoes back. If the echo comes back quickly, the whale knows the object is close. If it takes longer, the object is farther away. Finding objects by reflected sound is called echolocation. It lets whales “see” with their ears, just as you see with your eyes. Are whales smart? Scientists think so. Most whales work well with others of their kind. They form circles to fight off enemy whales. They come to the aid of cows that are giving birth. Sometimes a male whale, called a bull, helps

a cow care for her calf. Brain size is one way scientists measure intelligence. Sperm whales, for example, have the biggest brain of any animal in that size range. This whale’s brain can weigh up to 43 pounds (19.4 kg)—about 15 times as much as the human brain! Whale 14 Do whales swim like fish? No. Whales have two big, flat back fins, called flukes. The flukes are horizontal. Beating the flukes up and down pushes the whales forward in the water. Their two flippers, which are like paddles,

Each fall they leave the Arctic region and swim south along the Pacific shoreline to California and Mexico. They spend the winter there in shallow lagoons and give birth to their calves. Then, in the spring, they head back to the colder waters to eat and build up their blubber. Do migrating grays follow a leader? No. The first whales to head south are females about to give birth. The first group to head north are the newly pregnant females. The rest of the whales follow, swimming steadily at

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