Elephant Destiny: Biography Of An Endangered Species In Africa

Elephant Destiny: Biography Of An Endangered Species In Africa

Martin Meredith

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1586482335

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For thousands of years, the majestic elephant has roamed the African continent, as beloved by man as it has been preyed upon. But centuries of exploitation and ivory hunting have taken their toll: now, as wars and poachers continue to ravage its habitat, as disease and political strife deflect attention from its plight, the African elephant faces imminent extinction.

What will become of these magnificent beasts? As the elephant's future looms ever darker, Martin Meredith's concise and richly illustrated biography traces the elephant's history from the first ivory expeditions of the Egyptian pharaohs 2500 years ago to today, exploring along the way the indelible imprint the African elephant has made in art, literature, culture, and society. He shares recent extraordinary discoveries about the elephant's sophisticated family and community structure and reveals the remarkable ways in which elephants show compassion and loyalty to each other.

Elegant, illuminating, and urgent, Elephant Destiny offers a beautiful and important tribute to one of earth's most magisterial creatures at the very moment it threatens to vanish from being.

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called me Kingugwa Chui [the leopard], because the leopard attacks indiscriminately, here and there. I yoked the whole lot of them together and went back with them to Mkamba.’ On his travels, Tippu Tip played host to several European explorers. In 1867, when David Livingstone was stranded in northern Zambia, weak with fever and hunger, Tippu Tip had supplied him with provisions, given him a letter of introduction to a neighbouring African king and assigned guides to accompany him on his way. He

the high grass. To surmount this one required either a dead elephant or a tripod to stand on. From an eminence others could generally be shot. And the best of it was the huge herds were making so much noise themselves that only a few of them could hear the report of the small-bore.’ Further inland from the Nile, he found a ‘truly wonderful country’, an area of high, rolling hills and running streams of clear water, with meadows of fresh green grass: ‘In the far distance could be seen from some

forty-three. The sixth set appears at about thirty and comes into use in the early forties. This final set lasts for another twenty years. When it is worn down, elephants can no longer feed properly and die from malnutrition. The ears are unusual too. They are particularly impressive when spread out in threat displays. They can measure up to six feet from top to bottom and more than five feet across. Ear flapping and folding are used as well to send out a variety of other signals to elephants

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