Every Living Thing (All Creatures Great and Small)

Every Living Thing (All Creatures Great and Small)

James Herriot

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1250075718

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This fifth and final installment in James Herriot's heartwarming collection brings back familiar friends (including old favorites such as Tricki Woo) and introduces new ones, including Herriot's children Rosie and Jimmy and the marvelously eccentric vet Calum Buchanan.

Every Living Thing is a perfect opportunity for existing fans of Herriot's work to reacquaint themselves with his writing, and for those who've never read him to see what generations of animal lovers have already discovered: James Herriot is that rarest of creatures, a genuine master storyteller.

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you hold it, please?” She gasped as she laid it on my outstretched arm and I, too, was amazed at its weight. “Yes,” she went on, “it is the most beautiful country suit and, do you know, he never wore it.” She shook her head and her eyes softened as she stroked the lapels. “No, he never did. He died a few days after it was made and he was so looking forward to it. He was such an outdoor man, but he did like to be smartly dressed.” Then she said somewhat abruptly, looking up at me with a resolute

his hand unsuccessfully in areas such as sportswriting, Wight found modest success with the publication of If Only They Could Talk in 1970 and It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet in 1972. He adopted the pen name James Herriot because self-promotion for doctors and veterinarians was frowned upon in England at that time. In the United States, his first two books were combined by his New York publisher and released as All Creatures Great and Small (1972), the volume that would make the name James Herriot

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