Hitting Back: The Autobiography

Hitting Back: The Autobiography

Andy Murray

Language: English

Pages: 188

ISBN: 1846051673

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The sensational autobiography of Britain’s new tennis superstar. In his own words for the first time, Andy Murray will talk about the long, testing and sometimes difficult path to superstardom. Temperamental, gifted, passionate, and fiery, Murray is the new face of tennis and a role model to a whole generation.

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greatest player in the world who had just won the US Open. I was excited but also a little confused when Jeremy Bates, the Davis Cup captain, decided not to play Greg Rusedski on day one. I don't know why he put Alan Mackin, then ranked 262 in the world, up against Federer, and I suppose it wasn't a surprise that he was beaten 6–0 6–0 6–2. In the next rubber I played Stanislas Wawrinka with the full intention of beating him, even though he was in the World Top-60. That plan went wrong when I was

Mirnyi, I am still playing on the ATP tour week-in, week-out. I'm loving it. I'm living the life I always wanted to lead. Chapter Seven: Can I Also Ask You This? In 2007 I stopped talking to the BBC. There were a number of things that contributed to the silence, but the main reason was an interview that I did with one of their journalists at a smaller tournament in Metz. He said he was interviewing me about one thing, but it seemed to me more like a covert operation to get me to talk

wrong it would be to get involved with these people. If you do something for them once, they're not going to let you go. They'll approach you many more times and it's very tough to escape. Obviously there were investigations going on then, otherwise there would have been no point in organising a visit from an ex-Mafia informant who'd spent time in jail. He said he'd turned his life around and warned us that anybody getting involved in this kind of business was in big trouble if they were caught.

press conference two days later. I wanted to be there to support the team. It took my mind off being ill, but when I arrived home again I was still feeling horrendous. The team doctor had said I was well enough to play singles on the first day, but luckily, there was another doctor there, one who my physio at the time knew pretty well, so we went to him for a second opinion. He checked my throat and temperature and his reaction was: 'No, you shouldn't be playing. You are not well.' It wasn't the

about 10.30pm to get my bags off the Edinburgh flight, then jumped on the Hotel Hoppa Bus and got to bed just before midnight. I was up again at 4.30am to catch the flight and made it to the tournament hotel in Madrid before he was due to set off for practice. I handed him the shoes and he said: 'I don't know why you bothered, there's nothing wrong with the ones I've got!' Every cloud has a silver lining, though. David Beckham, then playing with Real Madrid, was at that tournament and I met him

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