Images: My Life in Film

Images: My Life in Film

Ingmar Bergman

Language: English

Pages: 456

ISBN: 1611450411

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ingmar Bergman’s career spanned forty years as he produced more than fifty films, many of which are considered classics. When he began this book, Bergman had not seen most of his movies since he made them. Resorting to scripts and working notebooks, and especially to memory, he comments, brilliantly and always cogently, on his failures as well as his successes; on the themes that bind his work together; on the relationship between his life and art. More clearly than ever before, Images allows us to listen to, as Woody Allen put it, Bergman’s “voice of genius.”

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chariot” (from the filming of The Magic Flute). A very early childhood memory is my strong need to show off whatever I have accomplished; skill in drawing, the art of hitting a ball against a wall, my first strokes when I learned how to swim. I remember that I had a strong desire to draw the adults’ attention to these manifestations of my presence in the world. I felt that my fellow beings never paid enough attention to me. When reality no longer was enough, I began to fantasize, to regale

reason from the roofs of the buildings, the bells ringing, the variety theater with its pornographic stage show. The poet has begun to learn the incomprehensible language of the country. With Jörgen Lindström in the hotel corridor. It could also be a husband and wife with a child on a journey, and the husband takes ill. The wife visits the city, and the boy has his experiences in the hotel room all alone or spies on his mother in the corridors. The foreign city is a motif that has stalked

was, as I said, shot at Hovs hallar. We had packed up for the day because of an approaching storm. Suddenly, I caught sight of a strange cloud. Gunnar Fischer hastily set the camera back into place. Several of the actors had already returned to where we were staying, so a few grips and a couple of tourists danced in their place, having no idea what it was all about. The image that later became famous of the Dance of Death beneath the dark cloud was improvised in only a few minutes. That’s how

father were transformed into human beings of normal proportions, and the infantile, bitter hatred was dissolved and disappeared. Then we were able to meet in a mood of affection and mutual understanding. I had thus managed to forget why I made Wild Strawberries, and the times when I had to talk about it, I had nothing to say. It was an enigma that was slowly becoming rather interesting, at least to me. Today I am convinced that if I forgot, if I erased all that, it had to do with Victor

that he recognizes his situation. Together with his wife he has maintained a kind of fiction. The fiction is “God is love and love is God.” The wife contracts cancer, and her suffering deepens their relationship. Through her pain he experiences feelings of tenderness and human reality, a reality he has hardly ever been in touch with. He becomes real through his sorrow over his powerlessness over his wife’s suffering. His wife and he have been two of a kind, two damaged children who have found

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