It Happened to Audrey: A Terrifying Journey From Loving Mom to Accused Baby Killer

It Happened to Audrey: A Terrifying Journey From Loving Mom to Accused Baby Killer

Jill Wellington, Audrey Edmunds

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0985799803

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Audrey Edmunds was a happily married young mother of two with a baby on the way; the neighborhood soccer mom in a small Wisconsin town providing casual childcare when the unthinkable happened. An infant died in her care at the same time the unknown science of Shaken Baby Syndrome hit the media. Swept up in a media frenzy, Edmunds was accused of killing the child through SBS. She was stripped from her children and husband and sent to prison where she would fight for freedom 13 years before she was finally exonerated after updated science showed her innocence. Audrey was and is an all-American mother from the Heartland who shares her story of hope and redemption in the face of unrelenting odds. Built as the ideal reader's club book, It Happened to Audrey includes questions that challenge all readers to think of the possibilities in today's ever-changing world. Edmunds is ultimately released from prison in the middle of a blizzard and reunited with her now grown children.

(Audrey Edmunds with Jill Wellington)

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faith, I knew I could crack inside these regimented confines. Soon the prison approved my friends from Waunakee for my visiting list, and I looked forward to my time with them. The prison allowed four visits a week with only one on the weekend, and my friends coordinated and filled the slots. I treasured my time with each of them, especially hearing about life on the outside that I ached to stay connected with, even though I was no longer there. Finally I learned that Dave, Mom and Dad were

our ritual and she giggled with delight as we swished our noses back and forth. I loved the smell of her sweet shampoo. I scooped up Allison, who wrapped her legs around my jutting belly. She pressed her nose against mine, mimicking Carrie. “I love you, precious girl,” I whispered into her soft hair, and immediately I flashed on the Beards, who would never rub noses with their only child. With my parents and the girls on their way to Hudson, the house was harshly quiet. I had nothing to do but

over the weekend for about a half hour. I was always grateful for my friends, but our conversation now took place through a tiny hole in the glass shield between us. On Monday, Dane County finally transported me back to Burke. I was relieved not to have to undergo another strip search at the prison. I returned to my prison job sustained by the powerful testimony from seven compassionate doctors. All of them had taken off work, left their families and commitments, and come to testify on my

on endlessly, confusing me. Even the prosecutor had trouble keeping her on point. Keith leaned over and asked if I understood what she was saying, and we both shared a quick laugh. Even the judge grew impatient and tried to focus Spivack. During her hour-and-a-half testimony, I managed to pick up that this witness did not believe that Natalie had choked. But most of her answers sailed beyond my levels of interest or comprehension. I was relieved when she was finally dismissed just after three

at a time when there was not a vestige of proof that only shaking could cause it.” Dr Guthkelch wrote, “Look in the medical dictionary! How many syndromes will you find that define an etiology? Very few. Usually it’s the presenting feature or the discoverer that’s mentioned. Traumatology is NOT an exact science. Anyone familiar with the use of firearms will tell you that even a rifle held in a vice and fired ten times will cause ten different holes in the target. It’s quite clear that ten

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