It's Good to Be the King...Sometimes (World wrestling entertainment)

It's Good to Be the King...Sometimes (World wrestling entertainment)

Jerry Lawler

Language: English

Pages: 496

ISBN: 0743457684

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An often controversial figure, Jerry 'The King' Lawler has been at the top of his profession both as a wrestler and most recently as a commentator for over 30 years. Holder of more than 90 regional or national titles over the course of his career, he is as well known for his feuds, both in and out of the ring, as he is for his achievements and his expertise. No stranger to the airwaves, he has hosted his own show both on radio and on television, and he is also a successful commercial artist whose work can be seen on several sites around his home city of Memphis. Outside the WWE arena perhaps his most famous dispute was with actor and comedian Andy Kaufman, a long-running conflict that at one point put Kaufman in hospital and culminated in a televised brawl on 'Late Night With David Letterman'. Now in a no-holds barred autobiography 'The King' is prepared to tell all both about his sometimes stormy career and about the backstage secrets of the WWE.

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and me. In the end, it was neat. I had no political experience whatsoever and I was making it up as I went along. I was working full-time for the WWE so I wasn’t even in town half the time. Every now and then I’d go out and do some campaigning out of a Winnebago that was my HQ. But I did go to some town meetings and tried to persuade people that I would take the job seriously should I win. Sometimes, I sounded like a real politician. “Mine is a campaign of convenience,” I said. “What I’m going

to tell the people is, ‘The campaign is in your neighborhood.’” And, “I say it is time to run Memphis like a business, where the taxpayers are the customers and the customers are always right.” I hired a couple of political consultants. A man and his wife who lived in St. Louis. I paid them a certain amount of money. If I’d won, I’d have to pay them a whole lot more money. They studied Memphis and sent me these different outlines and proposals. I put my own ideas to them. Between us, we came up

Briana. It was a gorgeous blonde who told me her name was Joni. Boy! Joni was a knockout! And get this, she was looking for a job…as a valet! For the past two months I had been searching frantically for a valet to work with me, and I had had no luck whatsoever. Now a raving beauty walks right in off the street. I took Joni’s phone number and called her a couple of days later and invited her up to my house to get better acquainted. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi, which is about two hundred

just have been too skeptical of having a TV actor come in and wrestle. He would have thought the fans would think his wrestlers were acting as well. God forbid! Of course, his son, Vince McMahon Jr., went that route himself beginning with Cyndi Lauper working at the first WrestleMania, but that was some way down the road. Bill Apter said to Andy, “But I do know a friend in Memphis, Tennessee.” He said they wrestled at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, often in front of 11,500 people. They have

James.) He said he wanted to work with us. I asked him if anyone had seen him come in. They hadn’t. I took him back to the dressing room to see Jerry Jarrett. I said this is Sugar Bear Harris from Senatobia, Mississippi. I remember that for some reason we were looking for a cannibal gimmick at the time. We told Sugar Bear to go out the back door and make sure no one saw him. Jerry Jarrett told him to come to his house in Nashville the next day. Kamala We finished the matches and next day, I

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