Jamie Foreman: Gangsters, Guns & Me

Jamie Foreman: Gangsters, Guns & Me

Jamie Foreman

Language: English

Pages: 152

ISBN: B011T865IM

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jamie Foreman is one of Britain's most iconic actors. He is also the son of Britain's most notorious gangster, Freddie Foreman. Jamie's life has been anything but ordinary. Right from the start, his world was one of contrast and contradiction: he grew up surrounded by London's criminal elite, living by their code of honour and respect, yet he himself was brought up to be a 'straight goer'.

The backdrop of his home life was to differ greatly from his time at school as, at seven years old, Jamie found himself in the unlikely surroundings of a boarding school. The happiness of his family and school life was snatched from Jamie when his father was sentenced to ten years in prison for his involvement in the killing of Jack 'The Hat' McVitie. The subsequent years saw Jamie without the father he adored and the whole family was put under enormous strain.

At 14, Jamie decided that his passion was for acting and, having been encouraged by Barbara Windsor, he discovered yet another new environment at the Italia Conti Stage School. Jamie thrived in the acting world and was soon enjoying success on both stage and screen. By the time of his dad's release from prison, Jamie had carved a 'straight' career for himself - but after years apart, there was plenty of lost time to make up for. Soon, he was dividing his time between acting and assisting with Freddie's 'business.' Before long, though, life took a surprising turn when a drug deal his father was heavily involved in went tragically wrong and he was forced to go on the run to America with his dad, which marked the start of a whole new adventure.

A truly fascinating story of a unique life. From being babysat by the Kray Twins to his life-changing meeting with Lawrence Olivier. Jamie's is a compelling tale of a boy becoming a man, of a father lost and found (and nearly lost again), and of the adventure, violence and tenderness that forged an unbreakable father-son relationship.

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finding out, so I went to Brixton Library to do a bit of detective work. From the moment Dad had been arrested, I’d been told many things by many people: Freddie Foreman was innocent, he’d been fitted up, the authorities had been trying to bring him down for years and finally they’d managed it. I believed what I was told – I heard it all from my nearest and dearest and had no reason to doubt them. Not until I started sniffing around in the library, that is. What I discovered changed everything.

with one arm until their faces were level. The cocky bastard who, moments ago, had been banging his fist and barking orders was now hanging over his desk, my dad’s finger in his face, and begging for mercy. ‘I’m sorry, Foreman, I’m sorry,’ he pleaded, his arms flailing around while Dad quietly laid down the law. I crept forward enough to hear my dad saying, ‘If you ever talk to me like that in front of my family again, I’ll break your fucking jaw.’ Even I felt a cold shiver run down my spine.

only three of his seven years and happened to be the key witness in the Ginger Marks inquiry, but somehow I doubt it. Evans is a grass and he’ll die a grass. It’s thanks to him – and only him – that my uncle George nearly died, and that my dad was suddenly facing a trial that could rob him of his freedom for life. Evans was prepared to sacrifice the liberty of other men to save his own skin, and it’s disgusting, pure and simple. I was devastated when Mum told me that Dad had been charged. The

more from the troublemakers. As it turned out, the family – whose ‘friends’ had jumped the gun without their consent – are very close to us now, and good friends. The dust had settled and it was back to work as usual. Dad was grafting hard to build up funds again, and pretty soon a business opportunity came our way that, since it was totally legitimate, I was more than happy to get involved in. Thanks to a �10,000 investment from Micky Regan and Ronnie Knight, Dad and his close friend Ted Dennis

you in the eyes of many. Including yours truly. Donahue is the lowest of the low. He’ll never escape it and he will die a grass. Yet Donahue’s uncorroborated testimony didn’t get the result he and the authorities were after. Dad was found not guilty. He’d avoided the biggie – a life sentence. It was no time to celebrate, though. Once he had been acquitted of murder, Dad had to face the charge of being an accessory in the murder of Jack McVitie. Jack ‘The Hat’ was an associate of the Krays who,

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