Lessons in Becoming Myself

Lessons in Becoming Myself

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By the time Ellen Burstyn arrived in New York to study acting, she'd already worked as a Texas fashion model, a Montreal chorus girl, suffered numerous toxic relationships, and just as many name changes and spiritual paths. Theater legend Moss Hart called her "a natural" but Ellen Burstyn was still trying discover who she was. This is the graceful story of a personal and professional quest, a life-long journey-by turns triumphant and terrifying, tragic and funny, thoughtful and illuminating.

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named Kitty Winn, whom Billy and I had seen playing Ophelia to Stacy Keach’s Hamlet in Central Park, was cast as Sharon, my assistant. In the meantime, Jeff arrived with Mark from their cross-country camping adventure and I learned from Henry that Neil was in New York, staying with his cousins on 84th and Madison, just three blocks from the apartment I’d rented, so I had to be on the lookout every time I left the building. I moved into my dressing room in the production office above the stage.

The scene wasn’t scrapped at all, just those two lines. Chris and Regan are returning home to Los Angeles. Billy told me he was friends with the Chicago Sun-Times columnist Irv Kupcinet and his wife, who lived in Chicago. Their daughter, Karyn, had been murdered in Los Angeles. When Billy saw them after the murder, he said Mrs. Kupcinet looked as if she had aged fifteen years. So I asked Dick Smith to do an aging makeup on me. But because Chris is a movie star and returning to Los Angeles, I

She was competing with me. It took me years to understand that she envied me, envied my youth. I was just coming into all she was leaving behind, and I looked like her. She must have felt that whatever I had rightly belonged to her. She gave me her beauty and with her beauty I was getting all the attention she craved. The good part about that was because it was “her” beauty, I never identified with it. I had to develop something else that was mine. I had to identify with what I did, instead of

go through, what you permit yourself to experience, to perceive, and the work you do. ELIA KAZAN Neil and I were married in New York in 1964. Present at our civil ceremony were Neil’s parents, Flo and Hank; Blossom as my maid of honor; and Flo’s brother Brad as Neil’s best man. A word here about Neil’s family. Flo’s maiden name was Boobis and they were a very tight tribe, all talented in weird ways. For instance, Brad was a painter. His technique was impeccable, but his artistry was

daughter had left New Mexico and was working as a nurse in a hospital in New York. When I finished the letter his eyes had a far-off look. I asked if he knew where New York was. He didn’t. I got out my large map of the United States and showed him Tuba City on the map. Then I asked him if he’d ever been to Silver City. He had. I showed him the distance from Tuba City to Silver City, just an eighth of an inch away on the map. Then I moved my finger across the country to New York. He traced his

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