My Boring-Ass Life (New Edition): The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith

My Boring-Ass Life (New Edition): The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 184856497X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


Anything but boring, Kevin Smith shares his x-rated thoughts in his diary, telling all in his usual candid, heartfelt and irreverent way!

Kevin Smith pulls no punches in this hard-hitting, in-your-face exposé of, er, his rather dull and uneventful life… well, not always dull. In between watching his TiVo, he manages to make and release Clerks II, relate the story of his partner-in-crime Jason Mewes’ heroin addiction... and get caught stealing donuts from Burt Reynolds.

Thrown in are his views on the perils of strip clubs, the drawback of threesomes, the pain of anal fissures, his love-affair with Star Wars and so much more! Adults Only!

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someone does or doesn’t like what I make, and telling ’em how wrong I feel they are for not digging on what I do is never gonna change their minds. About as far as I used to go at the AICN talk-backs (as I’d never joined, hence couldn’t post) would be to email posters directly if they put up factually inaccurate info about me. The day I stopped reading the talk-backs altogether was when I’d emailed a guy who was maintaining I’d done something I hadn’t, re: Dogma. I started off with “Look, I

beyond words, about the heroin delivery. Once again, he was given the choice of jail or help. He opted for the latter. I didn’t even say goodbye. I was too furious. I didn’t see the boy for almost a month after that, during which time we continued post on Strike Back. The first time I’d lay eyes on him would be at the San Diego Comic-Con, where, after a month of good behavior, Promises had given him a day pass out of their facility to attend, providing he be accompanied by a sober-living

that’s the case, sir, then don’t sweat it. I know you got a bunch of stuff going on at the moment with Superbad opening and Pineapple Express in post, as well as Green Hornet now (congrats on that, by the way). It would’ve been nice to shoot in the fall, but if you doing the flick means waiting ‘til January, then I’m willing to wait. I mean, I want you to be in it, obviously; I wrote it for you. But here’s the thing: I don’t wanna be the nut-biter that’s adding more shit to your to-do list, but

upstairs, where we load up on sundry things, none of which are tumblers or plates (though Jen does score a shower caddy). We swing back by the hotel and have the doormen unload our bags of booty while I get directions to the nearest Safeway. We drive the three minutes to Safeway, park, and head inside. This is where we’re confronted with the shopping cart conundrum. Any food store I’ve ever been in offers complimentary shopping carts to their customers. Here in Vancouver, shopping carts have to

if I can come to set a few minutes after my two o’clock call time, so I can peep out War. She gives me the okay, so I move the noon interview I’m doing with Sorelle Saidman at The Province earlier by calling her around eleven-ish. We chat for nearly an hour, mostly about the Vancouver Q&A gig, as well as the sudden nuptials of Ben and Garner. I continue my convo with Sorelle all the way to the theater, and wrap it up while Jen’s buying popcorn. Then, we dive into War. If you haven’t seen it

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