One Red Paperclip: Or How an Ordinary Man Achieved His Dream with the Help of a Simple Office Supply

One Red Paperclip: Or How an Ordinary Man Achieved His Dream with the Help of a Simple Office Supply

Kyle MacDonald

Language: English

Pages: 310

ISBN: 0307353168

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kyle MacDonald had a paperclip. One red paperclip, a dream, and a resume to write. And bills to pay. Oh, and a very patient girlfriend who was paying the rent while he was once again “between jobs.” Kyle wanted to be able to provide for himself and his girlfriend, Dominique. He wanted to own his own home. He wanted something bigger than a paperclip. So he put an ad on Craigslist, the popular classifieds website, with the intention of trading that paperclip for something better. A girl in Vancouver offered him a fish pen in exchange for his paperclip. He traded the fish pen for a doorknob and the doorknob for a camping stove. Before long he had traded the camping stove for a generator for a neon sign. Not long after that, avid snow-globe collector and television star Corbin Bernsen and the small Canadian town of Kipling were involved, and Kyle was on to bigger and better things.

In One Red Paperclip, Kyle takes you on a journey around the globe as he moves from paperclip holder to homeowner in just fourteen trades. With plenty of irreverent and insightful anecdotes and practical tips on how you can find your own paperclip and realize your dreams, he proves it’s possible to succeed in life and achieve your dreams on your own terms. Quirky and inspirational, this story of a regular guy and a small, red, now-legendary paperclip will have you looking at your office supplies-and your life-in a whole new way.

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trade up to a house after all. And maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have to sell it all at the end to pay off scads of debt. Or deal with locusts. Besides, up until now, I hadn’t spent a cent on the project. But, then again, up until now, all my trade items had fit in my back pocket. I shook my head to get back to reality. One look at the old camping stove wiped the image of a massive housewarming party out of my mind and brought me back pretty fast. Ah, reality. My old friend. In reality, I was a

paperclips. I often find them useful. And the coleman stove would replace the one I lost in the divorce. Then all I need is a tent and I could go camping again. That would be fun. Have a great day, I know I will. Janet *****I’ll trade you a Book of the Morman, five great volumes in Braille, for the Coleman. We’ll provide the dogs and the burger ’n chips at the cookout. Why the Braille books? The darn things are big enough to sit on as you go “blindly” in your quest for the biggest and

law. I looked at the calendar. It was November 25. I did some quick finger math. December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July. Middle finger right hand. Eight months. And less than half of July. If I was going to keep my word, or more accurately, Patrick’s word, I had to trade up to a house in seven and a half months. For the rest of the day, most of Dom’s friends and relatives called. Apparently every radio station in Québec was talking about the guy with le trombone rouge. The

several chapters from a book he’d written, a fictional sci-fi-ish book about time travel based around an actual rural homestead in northern British Columbia, where Lee and Dorothy had once lived. I’m not usually partial to sci-fi, but hearing Lee’s own words from his mouth was an incredible experience. There were portions of his story that literally sent shivers down my spine. He knew the characters and places so well, it was as if they were real. And in our minds, they were. We said goodbye to

A week later, back in Montreal, I pored through the offers for the afternoon with Alice Cooper. So many offers had arrived that I couldn’t add them all to the site or provide comments on my thoughts about each one. I wanted to try to get every offer up on the site in hopes of enticing a pre-offer from somebody else conditional on my acceptance of a standing offer. Like that last sentence, it was quite confusing: KYLE, I would like to offer you a trade for the afternoon with Alice Cooper. My

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