Pin Me, Pay Me!: Have Boots, Will Travel

Pin Me, Pay Me!: Have Boots, Will Travel

Bobby Blaze Smedley

Language: English

Pages: 238

ISBN: 1491248440

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bobby Blaze Smedley's forthright autobiography, Pin Me, Pay Me, Have Boots Will Travel, is a powerful and insightful look at the inner workings of the world of professional wrestling, written in an introspective story-telling style that puts you in the ring with him.
Overcoming illness and adversity to rise to the heights of his chosen profession, Bobby takes you on the road and around the world as he realizes his lifelong dream, to be one of the rare individuals who earns his living as a professional wrestler.

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“good faith” fee for showing up. Within five minutes I had “no faith” in the promoter. After the promoter was denied our passports, he started complaining that I wasn’t big enough to face his heavyweight and he didn’t want us on the tour. This was after all the travel and the expense of two round trip tickets. We hadn’t even left the airport and there was already trouble brewing. The promoter finally agreed to hand us some cash and decided to continue the tour. One of Malenko’s sayings echoed in

down. It was a pleasure not only dealing with Bobby from a personal standpoint, but watching him and his wrestling career evolve. From his start in SMW where it was his job to, as this book says, just get pinned and get paid, making my “stars” shine just a little brighter--to taking the next step working with the late Chris Candido in a series of matches that may not have been the main events but provided the most in-ring action on any card they were featured on--to finally, when the need was

because I was having so much fun working for SMW and I loved the position that I was in there. Terry Taylor had talked to me, in person, one night in Knoxville about possibly coming into WCW way before he called me and offered me a tryout match. I am forever thankful for these men in taking an interest in my wrestling career and giving me a break. Defamation of character? How can it be when the person telling the story only tells the truth? You be the judge, as I don’t judge others, however, I

out of the Malenko school. He could be a technical wrestler if that was required, but if you wanted to brawl, he could brawl. He was also a high flyer and you do not see those traits in many wrestlers today. Lord Zoltan: I believe that I first met Bobby Blaze when he came to wrestle for the USWF in Pennsylvania in the Ellwood City/New Castle/Beaver Falls area. Bobby was regularly booked against Gorgeous George III, who later went on to wrestle as The Maestro. Bobby always had one of the best

Janet at a local flea market, when jokingly my brother said, “The Dark Shadow. I didn’t even recognize you without your mask.” In a slow, low voice Carl replied, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be.” He was dead pan serious when he said it. Again, my brother and I just started dying laughing at how serious he was about protecting his gimmick. He was right of course, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s when guys protected the business. The mysterious masked wrestler who no one would ever

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