Rama the Gypsy Cat

Rama the Gypsy Cat

Betsy Byars

Language: English

Pages: 34

ISBN: 0380006308

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Rama the cat has no home. He is the Gypsy Cat, and a life full of travel and adventure awaits him.

When a gypsy woman found Rama as a kitten, she pierced his ear with a golden earring and named him after an exiled prince who wandered for years, having many adventures. Rama the cat lives up to his namesake when he strays from the wagon that was his home, and begins his own thrilling journey, discovering dangers on the wharf, in the forest, and by the river, encountering new foes and friends. Will Rama ever return to his old life . . . and does he even want to? This ebook features an illustrated biography of Betsy Byars including rare images from the author’s personal collection.

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Rama turned, yawned, and walked slowly back through the woods. His tail was high, his gait even. Behind him, the beetle scurried through the weeds again. Rama joined the peddler, who was still lying contentedly before the fire. He sat beside him. “Still restless, Gypsy?” the peddler asked. “Miaow,” Rama answered, looking at the peddler with eyes that were pale gold in the firelight. “Sometimes I am restless, too, friend.” He laid his hand on Rama’s head and moved his thumb over Rama’s

sock, was published. Following Clementine, Byars released a string of popular children’s and young adult titles including The Summer of the Swans, which earned her the Newbery Medal. She continued to build on her early success through the following decades with award-winning titles such as The Eighteenth Emergency (1973), The Night Swimmers, the popular Bingo Brown series, and the Blossom Family series. Many of Byars’s stories describe children and young adults with quirky families who are

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had made them all eager to depart. They were lovers of the sun and the warm breezes. Unaided, the gypsy woman hitched her horse to the wagon, and then she sat on the seat of her wagon, pulling her shawl more carefully about her shoulders. Still chilled, she jumped quickly from her wagon and walked around to the back and entered. It would be a long day and already her shoulders felt tightened with the cold. She took her heaviest shawl from the bed—it also served as a blanket—and draped it over

mother shook her head slowly. There had been many disappointments for the boy since they had come here and built the cabin five years ago: money saved for a rifle now gone to help buy these supplies; a beloved hound dog that had been bitten by a rabid fox; crops that didn’t grow; barns that burned; a calf carried away by the flooding river. When the raft was unloaded, she hurried up the path to have a look at the cat herself. She was standing with Jimmy looking down at the cat when the man came

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