Shapes on the Wind

Shapes on the Wind

David Lewis

Language: English

Pages: 261

ISBN: 073226801X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Shapes on the Wind is the autobiography of David Lewis, one of the world's old sea salts, sailors and adventurers.An uncompromising participator in the varieties and vagaries of active life, he has ventured onto sea, land and ice in every corner of the globe, investigating and testing the elements — and himself—for emotional and aesthetic potential.This account builds up a comprehensive portrait of a most unusual person in our present culture, a person dedicated to experiencing life outside the usual value systems of money, material possessions and conventional morality. His mistakes and misjudgments are many and freely admitted, yet we learn to tolerate and understand them as we move through his life story, realising that the gains could not have been achieved without some error.He is truly one of the old sea salts, an old man of the sea and younger sailors, pioneers and expeditioners should all know his story.

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deal about art and literature. With her high heels and upswept hair, she was at least a head taller than me. We must * Some twenty years after those Otago days, Jean Bell (nee Russell) wrote me a letter on hearing I was sailing back to New Zealand on Rehu Moana, sending pictures of herself and her children. She looked as lovely as ever, but this was deceptive. Shortly after we reached Auckland, before we could get in touch, an old skiing and climbing partner, Dot Smith, phoned me in tears. Jean

air. I gave a convulsive leap and came down firmly impaled on the wire. ‘I would get down, sir, if I were you. They are shooting at you, sir,’ came the voice of the sergeant-major who was grinning at me from a position of relative safety in the ditch, where the rest of the battalion had promptly taken shelter. Shapes on the Wind e-book 12/27/01 1:38 PM Page 30 ‘What the bloody hell do you think I’m trying to do?’ I gave a wild heave and tore loose from the barbed wire at the expense of my

from New Zealand in 1996 in Southern Seas II, thirty years on. Small girls who had played with Susie and Vicky had children of their own but still remembered their old playmates. Tourist facilities now are everywhere, but Rarotonga remains essentially unspoilt. Shapes on the Wind e-book 12/27/01 1:38 PM Page 77 later, I knew I had let down the distinguished audience and the eminent speaker. When I eventually arrived very late in the piece, Heyerdahl, far from showing irritation, went out of

thousands of years in Europe where there is not much sun have faded.’ Shapes on the Wind e-book 12/27/01 1:38 PM Page 82 Our next landfall was Sierra Leone, today sadly racked with civil war, then the Azores and, ultimately, England. Back in Plymouth, after completing the first multihull voyage round the world, Rehu Moana was put up for sale and I started negotiating for a very different kind of craft — the gaff ketch Isbjorn, a Scottish trawlertype double-ender, thirty-nine feet long and

Later, she acknowledged this failing. Explorer’s departure from Sydney was on time. Nevertheless, we should never have left at all, but should have put off the expedition for a year — whatever the cost. 4 The Winterover Expedition was more successful than my stubborn precipitancy merited. Four of the six participants got through a remarkable number of projects during the sea passages and the winter in the ice, while the others did the best they could. Much of our success was due to the unfailing

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