Sharon Tate: A Life

Sharon Tate: A Life

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Ed Sanders gave readers their clearest insight yet into the disturbing world of Charles Manson and his followers when he published The Family in 1971. Continuing that journalistic tradition, Sanders presents the most thorough look ever into the heartbreaking story of Sharon Tate, the iconic actress who found love, fame, and ultimately tragedy during her all-too-brief life.

Sharon Tate: A Life traces Sharon's path from beauty queen to budding young actress: her early love affairs, her romance with and marriage to director Roman Polanski, and the excitement of the glamorous life she had always sought—all set against the background of the turbulent 1960s. This sympathetic account tells the powerful story of her determined rise through the ranks of Hollywood and to the brink of stardom before her name became forever linked with the shocking murder spree that took her life.

In 1969, the Polanski house was targeted by the followers of cultist Charles Manson. Why the Manson clan focused its gaze on Sharon remains unclear, but the world was soon shocked to its core as it learned of the brutal murders of a pregnant Sharon Tate and her friends at her idyllic home in Los Angeles. Sanders once again examines this horrific crime and its aftermath, expounding on what may have led the killers to that particular house on that particular evening.

Sharon Tate takes readers on a sometimes joyous yet inevitably heart-wrenching tour of the '60s as seen through the eyes of someone who lived it, survived it, and remembers it all too well. Brilliant illustrations by noted artist Rick Veitch lend character to this riveting narrative of the life and times of a beloved actress whose image and whose fate still haunt us to this day.

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Sharon had a grim, ghostly experience when aroused from sleep one night in her room on Easton Drive. She spotted a “creepy little man” whom she believed to be Paul Bern entering her bedroom apparently looking for something while ignoring her. When she ran from the room, she encountered an entity with its throat slashed, tied with white cord to the stair railing. The next morning she departed back to her own apartment. After her death, columnist Dick Kleiner wrote about the event, supposedly told

said: “Though devoid of the natural performer’s self-confidence, she burned to do well—to prove to herself that she could accomplish something in her own right. Giving her the necessary reassurance wasn’t easy. Vampire Killers was behind schedule, but my tendency on such occasions is to become more exacting rather than less. I started doing more and more takes with Sharon—on one occasion as many as seventy.” Gene Gutowksi and Hans Möllinger had scouted locations, and located Valgardena, located

this: “She was a very vulnerable girl, and she wanted to do whatever Roman wanted.” Roman fed Sharon part of a piece of the wedding cake, and given all the up-beat ebullience, the future seemed as brightly illuminated as ever a wedding could have predicted. Their honeymoon was spent skiing in the Swiss Alps. Under the headline, “Mini Skirt Brawl for Roman and Sharon,” the Daily Mirror of London on February 9, almost three weeks after the wedding, reported: “Film Director Roman Polanski came back

during the filming of Rosemary’s Baby (which they had moved out of in early 1968), or the Chateau Marmont, where they dwelled during the winter and spring of 1968. (See the afterword to this book for further information.) Mia to India with the Beatles As for the star, Mia Farrow, just a few weeks after giving birth to the devil child in Rosemary’s Baby, she set out in February of 1968 for a three-month retreat in what was called Transcendental Meditation led by a spiritual leader named Maharishi

director hid Tate’s stomach with large purses and scarves. In The Thirteen Chairs, Sharon played the part of Pat (no last name given), who works in an English antique shop. Vittorio Gassman, in the role of Mario Beretti, an American barber, flies to England to gather up an inheritance from an aunt. He has vast money on his mind, but discovers an empty and derelict old house and his inheritance: twelve old chairs. In order to pay for his travel expenses, he sells them to the local antiques dealer

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