The Dragon in the Driveway (Dragon Keepers, Book 2)

The Dragon in the Driveway (Dragon Keepers, Book 2)

Kate Klimo

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0375855904

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Dragon Keepers have a new mission!

It's been raining for days, and dragon keepers Jesse and Daisy have been stuck inside with their dragon, Emmy. As soon as the rain stops, they are out of the house in a flash. First on their list of things to do? To find out what the villainous Dr. St. George—a dragon slayer in disguise—is up to.

But Dr. St. George isn’t in his office at the college, and all of his stuff is gone! Jesse, Daisy, and Emmy quickly discover St. George’s latest evil plan: to take over the forest and find the magic golden ax that is buried there. To make matters worse, he has also enslaved the mythical beings that are returning to Goldmine City. Can the two dragon keepers and their dragon free the hobgoblins and dryads under St. George’s power and return the forest to right?

From the Hardcover edition.

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the side door and kicked it shut, leaning against it to catch his breath. “Jesse!” said the dragon, beside herself with joy at the sight of him. She bounded over, her long green tail smacking the concrete floor. “Jesse—Jesse—Jesse!” Emmy had been able to speak since the minute she hatched. The sound of her voice still gave Jesse a thrill. It was one of a kind—rich and rippling, like molten gold. Jesse raised his voice over the rain drumming loudly on the garage’s steel roof. “I brought you a

commanded them to,” St. George said, sauntering down the ramp. Dangling from his bony fingers were two long tattered strips of gaily colored fabric. The last two trees had fallen. CHAPTER TEN THE WILLOW SONG At first, every scale on Emmy’s body stood up like small razor blades. Then her form grew fuzzy and started to change in slow motion. It was as if her ability to mask had not only grown sluggish but uncertain as well, as if she weren’t quite sure what to mask herself as. First she

stopped swaying and weeping and jumped to their wedgelike feet. Then they scuttled off into one of the tunnels, returning momentarily with two flaming torches. They stood a little behind and to either side of St. George as he leaned over the book, the torchlight dancing on the lenses of his glasses. He ran a finger down the page and moved his lips silently. Jesse’s muscles burned beneath the weight of the pickax, still in his hands, his arms trembling. He caught a glimpse of black symbols

Douglas fir. She shaded her eyes from the sun and called out, “Hellooooo!” Jesse shook his head while Emmy sat, her tail a tiny happy blur. They waited. The Douglas fir stood there silently, as trees usually do. Daisy cupped her hands around her mouth. “Hey there!” she hollered. She stepped closer and rapped her knuckles on the trunk. “Hello, Douglas fir! We’re here to help, if we can. Is anybody home? You know,” she said to Jesse, “in my book on tree lore, it says the Douglas fir stands for

Daisy closed the book, Emmy heaved a sleepy sigh and snuggled down into her bed of socks. “Emmy’s bed is not too big and not too small. It is juuuuuuust right.” “For a while, at least,” said Jesse. “Until Emmy-locks gets bigger.” “Sweet dragon dreams,” said Daisy. After the cousins had bid Emmy a final “good night, sleep tight” (even though it was still late afternoon), they tiptoed out of the garage and locked it. They both knew that if she needed them, she would bark very loudly three times

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