The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography

The Horror... The Horror: An Autobiography

Language: English

Pages: 124


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Available for the first time, The Horror... The Horror provides a look into the life and mind of author Rick Hautala. From his days as a child in Massachusetts, to his days in college at the University of Maine in Orono, to the early days of his writing career along with Stephen King's involvement, and ultimately to where his life and career stood in 2009, his autobiography is a compelling read to be enjoyed by friends and fans alike.

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ideas. Add them. Cut out other ideas. Try to tie up loose ends. Drop stuff I no longer liked. You get the idea. My outline was pretty much a first draft. So then all I had to do was smooth the rough edges, blend it all together, and presto it was a finished first draft. Do I outline like that now? Of course not. But I still will never start a book until I know where it’s going. Will there be surprises along the way that will require major or minor changes in the overall book? Will there be

NECon — where I met Holly Newstein and pretty much flipped over her at first sight. It’s no secret. A lot of people at NECon are debauched. We go there to drink and party and laugh and talk, and if we’re really, really lucky — get laid. Not everyone is lucky, and I certainly wasn’t because I behaved myself at NECon. I was married, even though in the late ‘90s my marriage was in name only, and I was basically shy. So when I first saw Holly, I didn’t know what to do. We started chatting. I

our exes could file for our death benefits if we didn’t. Our sons grew up and prospered. Aaron made a lot of good music in Austin, Texas, but got homesick and is back in Portland, Maine. His sons Jesse and Matti are doing well in their chosen careers, and his stepsons Colin and Andrew Newstein are also doing well. Colin works for a bank in Reading, Pennsylvania, and Andrew is bound for law school. In 2012 Rick received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the HWA, which was the high point of his

Sixties. (For the record: I was an undergraduate at U Maine Orono from 1966 to January 1971. I started work on my Master’s in English in 1971 and got my degree in 1974.) Back to the story: Dateless, as was often the case for me during my college years, I went with some friends to a free screening of Psycho on campus. As it happened, a girl I was interested in sat directly in front of me with some of her friends. I was dying to talk to her and maybe even work up the courage to ask her out for

school on (with the exception of Fred Ives), none of my English teaches encourage me to read all that “crazy S.F. stuff.” They wanted me to read “lit-ra-chure.” Suddenly, the prospect of reading and writing — two things I always “just did” — was inviting, so I switched majors. And I did all right, grades-wise. And I noticed this Steve King guy was making himself known on campus. His contributions to the student “literary” magazine (famously titled “Onan”) always stood out as exceptional. And

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