The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer

The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer

Maureen Hancock

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 075731564X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At just five years old, Maureen Hancock discovered her ability to communicate with the dead. Descended from a long line of legendary Irish mystics, she was no stranger to the spiritual realm, but for fear of being misunderstood by her friends and family she kept the otherworldly messages to herself, eventually suppressing them completely.

Maureen wouldn't hear the spirits again until she was in a near-fatal car crash. Soon after, she had hundreds of voices in her head, many of which helped her crack cases and expose fraud in her role as a litigation paralegal at a large Boston law firm. Then, when tragedy struck on 9/11, Maureen was bombarded with messages from the spirit world. As each one made contact with her, she finally came to terms with her calling: to communicate with the deceased, assist the dying, search for missing children, and teach the living about life after death, all the while raising her children in her suburban home.

Maureen Hancock is literally is the Medium Next Door, and in this book and through her stories of her encounters with the otherworld as well as guided exercises at the conclusion of each chapter, she offers the same comfort and wisdom she shares in her healing encounters and lectures about what is out there waiting for all who are open to its mysteries. . . .


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we understood that our parents could not foot the bill for our wedding. For the next two years, we saved every penny to host our dream June wedding—a simple lakefront reception for 200 guests in Sharon, Massachusetts. It wasn’t exactly a platinum wedding, but it was worth its weight in gold for us. The wedding party consisted of a mere twenty-six people, mostly made up of immediate family members. The day went off without a hitch—except that the groom was late. Our honeymoon was dreamy—an

relief from pain. I knew I was being used as a conduit for great things. Not everyone was completely healed, but most clients received some form of relief. Healing sessions for those with cancer were (and still are) offered at no cost. For all other clients, a sliding payment scale was in place to ensure nobody was turned away for lack of funds. One day during my early years practicing, my friend Laura called me in a panic. “Maureen, Brian is on the floor crying in pain. He can’t move.

the family of comedians—the popular table at any function. My family has finally gotten used to the fact that “Mo” is a medium. When I first came out, most of my siblings were very accepting. My brother Jim, the psychologist/skeptic, will probably never wrap his brain around what I do. I can tell he’s curious but not yet convinced. And what a challenge it was to tell my devout Catholic mother that I was a ghost whisperer. Today, she is my biggest fan and promoter. Dad just sits back and smiles

What dies is simply the body, the vehicle that housed our spirit. One might say that death is simply the shift into being purely nonphysical form once again. Like the caterpillar that emerges as a unique and beautiful butterfly, our loved ones leave the casing of the body and return to their full spiritual essence. Take a moment to imagine what it might be like in spirit. Feel the vibration of pure love, joy, and boundlessness. Breathe it in. Your own spirit is connected to that place. You might

living and the dead! She is the real deal! For anyone who will pass away . . . for anyone who has lost a loved one . . . this book and Maureen are a must-have! If you have ever doubted heaven, doubt no more! Thank you, Maureen, for sharing your gift with the world!” —Gretchan Pyne, The Lulu Foundation, author of Lulu’s Rose Colored Glasses and others (visit “Maureen Hancock is a gifted individual, but she’s also a gift to the rest of us. Her wonderful book takes us

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