Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Cat Lover's Companion

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Cat Lover's Companion

Bathroom Readers' Institute

Language: English

Pages: 120

ISBN: 2:00132313

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Warren Eckstein said, "In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat." The Bathroom Readers’ Hysterical Society agrees, and shows it with this endlessly diverting tribute to tabby. From famous cats to the famous with their cats to cats’ famous history, from cats who like to paint to cats who travel the world to find their way home, Uncle John’s Hysterical Society scours the globe to find the winning-est, wackiest, most wondrous cat tales for this collection.

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Beautiful Joe






















A baby-proofed room Kittens are new to the independent world, and they need a warm, private space where they can hide when life gets overwhelming. They do best in rooms cleared of dangers such as electrical cords, temperamental tomcats, reactionary dogs, and curious toddlers. The “room” doesn’t actually have to be an entire room, however. A closet will do. Bathtubs are also good, although morning showers become problematic. 2. A warm napping spot Old towels, blankets, and sweaters make

larger cat population would help keep the city healthy, so they eased up on the cats for a while. Once the plague was under control, though, church representatives started killing the cats again. This continued for more than three centuries, until witch trials lost support in Europe during the 1700s. These days, the cats in Rome don’t do much to keep the rat population down. The city’s rodents feast on discarded food scraps and are often as big as the cats themselves. But with cat ladies around

a private outdoor area full of tropical flora), balcony suites (rooms that include a sunny balcony where kitty can snooze), and garden view rooms (Calabash’s standard rooms that face the outdoor play area). That play area is an elaborate, enclosed outdoor landscape with many logs and other things to climb; it also overlooks an open field where Linda Meuman’s horses graze. There’s an indoor play area too, complete with carpet-covered cat trees and sisal scratching posts. Ottawa, Canada In

ocelots. Farming and cattle raising have become too costly, Corbett says, so instead of clearing his land and displacing the wild animals that live there, Corbett allows hunting on his property (only of legal game like doves, ducks, and deer) and has enrolled his ranch in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) Conservation Reserve Program. This government-sponsored incentive program pays rent to ranchers who set aside private land as habitat for wild animals. The ranchers continue to own the

occasion. Owners can choose from a collar with their pet’s name spelled out in rhinestone studs or a necklace made with real crystals. And for those truly special occasions, tiny tiaras let everyone know who really owns the place. 3. DVDs If your cat’s not enough of a couch potato, keep him entertained with “cat TV.” These DVDs (and VHS) feature fish, birds, even the occasional squirrel or guinea pig, and include natural sounds for hours of enjoyment with no need for channel surfing.

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