Viscount Down

Viscount Down

Keith Nell

Language: English

Pages: 319


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The complete story of the Rhodesian Viscount disasters as told by a SAS operator.

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likely, for the Chief as well. Surely both of them would be in the know, I asked myself, and how disappointing it was that the Chief was in it. He should know better after the Citroen experience than to pull a cheap move like that. "Forget it. Take it away. I wondered if this was going to happen and told you guys right from the beginning – I am going back to the SAS as soon as this operation permits, I answered angrily. I'm not available for your Special Branch bribes, thanks very much." Had I

turned to looking over the vessel that Rhodesians knew as the 'ferry'. Although it was large enough to carry a hundred passengers or so, it was only used for day trips because of the high risk of bumping into terrorists crossing the lake at night. When everybody was aboard, the crew started up the engines, cast off the slips and let go the bow and stern ropes from the bollards on the quay. Little by little, the ferry drifted away and a gradual vibration spread through the deck from the

we have a serious situation here. Trainees went on the rampage and mutinied. We've abandoned the camp but it needs to be secured urgently. Over." "Are the trainees still in the camp?" "Yes, Sir." "Okay – what is your ETA here?" "Three hours, Sir." "By that time, it will be dark. Hurry up and get here. I will inform the Chief and place Fire-Force on standby. He will not be pleased." "Roger, Sir – copied." Martin's dilemma continued. In only one day, he found himself embroiled in a full

itself within certain population concentrations and extends its influence from there. If, however, the Security Forces fail to protect the local population from insurgent intimidation and influence, they will be unable to retain any support they might have had. The major object of the struggle between the two opposing forces is to obtain the active participation of the majority of the uncommitted populace. This can largely be gained by demonstrating whether or not the Security Forces can provide

Is that okay?" he asked. I smiled; the opportunity to banter with the Chief was not to be missed. "Sounds good to me,” I said. “Chance for a bit of the 'old teamwork' that you went on about in my interview, what?" The Chief scraped up a weak grin. Typical bloody Brit, I thought – always maintaining the stiff upper lip, but despite that, glad that camaraderie between the London cop and the SAS trooper was growing. We parked the armoured personnel carrier (APC) with its wounded occupants near

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