Your Ideal Cat: Insights into Breed and Gender Differences in Cat Behavior (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond)

Your Ideal Cat: Insights into Breed and Gender Differences in Cat Behavior (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond)

Benjamin L. Hart

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 1557536481

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For a happy relationship with your cat, go beyond the looks and make your pick based on demonstrated breed behavior. This is the advice of the Harts, two experts in animal communication and behavior, whose new book takes the process of selecting a cat to the next level by offering data-based behavioral profiles of a wide range of cat breeds. Developed over a lifetime of research and through extensive interviews with eighty veterinary experts, the profiles are presented in easy-to-use graphical form. A history of the development of different breeds is presented, and then breed-specific differences across a range of variables are discussed. These include twelve behavioral traits, in areas such as affection, sociality, activity level, and litter box use. After giving guidance about choosing a cat, the authors present some strategies for avoiding problem behaviors and resolving those that emerge. They also share fascinating theories about the origins of various common cat behaviors, including purring, yawning, eating grass, “flipping out” on catnip, and staking out territory. While the focus is on purebred cats, there is also lots of good information for owners of blends. The book ends with helpful guidance on further reading. Based on the latest science, this is a great book for anyone interested in the fundamental building blocks of feline behavior, and an invaluable handbook for cat owners.

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accepts the shorthair Exotic for official registration and assigns the longhair to the category of “other.” Exotic Snubby nose • Teddy bear looks • Moderate behavioral traits Ranking of the Exotic on the twelve behavioral traits. The higher the ranking, the more likely the cat will exhibit this trait. The Exotic is known for being heavy boned with the cobby, rounded head of the Persian. This massive head should have a short, snubby, broad nose with a break centered between the eyes. It is

cat. The Maine Coon ranks roughly in the upper one third in terms of affection toward family members and fairly low in aggression toward both family members and other cats. It is one of the least vocal breeds. With regard to maintenance, the first thing to keep in mind is its large size. This means a big scratching post, a big transport carrier, a big litter box, and a big lap for the Maine Coon to sit on. You might think that the long hair coat would create some maintenance problems, but

includes even males neutered as early as eight weeks of age. If you really want to reduce the chance of urine marking by a cat in your home, consider a female. You can also look at breeds that rank much lower on urine marking. Finally, the DSH is your classic songbird predator. If you are concerned about doing everything you can to keep songbirds around your property, especially those young fledglings, consider making your DSH an indoor-only cat. If you enjoy a garden with songbirds and still

when selecting a kitten, you cannot avoid finding some kittens more appealing than others. Although your initial impression of a kitten is not a very reliable predictor of its behavior as an adult, there is nothing wrong with choosing the kitten that you find most appealing due to its color, body size, or its behavior. As a matter of fact, we recommend this because you are most likely to bond well with a kitten that appeals to you. What about conducting a battery of genetic (DNA) tests on a

Given the principles of toileting, attention to litter box hygiene is important in reducing the likelihood of inappropriate elimination. The litter box should be cleaned of all waste material at least on a daily basis; twice a day is the best practice. If the litter box itself becomes visibly soiled with feces it is necessary to wash the box. And do not make the mistake that some cat caregivers do by placing the litter box, food dish, and water bowl all together. Having to eat and drink right

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